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Aleksandra Scott



Aleksandra Scott has been an artist in the Whistle Stop Gallery since 2007. She was born and raised in Russia where she worked as an agronomist, studying flowers and fruits. She even illustrated various flowers for scientific, research books in her field. In her adulthood, she immigrated to Canada. She was drawn to the area’s wild forests, flowers, and mountains. In the summertime, she would attend art masterclasses through Red Deer College. She learned much about the techniques of painting with oil, acrylic, and watercolor. She has dabbled in portraits and landscapes, but loves painting flowers and animals the most. Aleksandra especially likes to paint cute, baby bears and other cheery, cartoon-like animals. She has always had dreams of becoming a professional cartoonist. Aleksandra also has her artwork in the Driftwood Gallery in Valemount.


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