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Step 1: Autosave
Before we do anything, let's review how to toggle autosave. When you're unsure on a page and want to edit it without autosaving, use the following command: CTRL + ALT + A

Don't forget to turn it back on when done. 

Previous saves of the website can be found by hovering on the 'Save' button in the top right. Click 'View Site History' to find these saves.

Another important note: do NOT open two pages in the Wix Website Editor at once. Changing something on one page can lead to losing progress on the other and vice versa. 

Step 2: Review
Now we'll review the basics. Use the space below to add several features using the '+' in the top left, then edit them by clicking once and clicking 'Edit Text' and the paintbrush tool, which leads you to design options.

Change the colour and font style too!

Don't forget to experiment with icon buttons too.

Create some text, write me a story

Change the font to Georgia 16pt. Experiment with bold and italic settings.

Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes - that way when you judge them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes!

Change the 6 images to 6 different artist images, found in our gallery folders.

Then, give each image an appropriate title.

Mission 1: Hack the Gibson
I hid a code in the SEO of this page. Can you find it?

Move the block below if you need directions:

Under the page menu (top left drop-down), click 'Manage Pages'. Click the ellipsis icon to the right of the 'Experimental' page, then click 'SEO Basics'.

This is important as it allows us to see the URL slug. I've used this slug for all pages, naming them 'first-last' for artist names. In this slug, you'll find a code.

Change the numbers below to match the code.


Code here:


Translation rubric:

A=1  B=2  C=3  D=4  E= 5  F=6
G=7  H=8  I=9  J=10  K=11 L=12
M=13  N=14  O=15   P=16  Q=17 
R=18  S=19  T=20  U=21  V=22 
W=23  X=24  Y=25  Z=26



Mission 2: We are the Goon Squad and We're Coming to Town (beep beep)


NOTE: This mission isn't particularly fun, but it contains some really important information. Sorry dudes. 

NOTE #2: A reminder to NOT open two editing pages. I know these instructions are pretty heavy and I'd recommend doing it with a another coworker and/or taking pictures of the instructions.

We have two important pages that will require some regular editing. The first is the events page, the second is the blog page. We'll focus on the first one, but editing the blog page is very similar, just accessed from Home instead.

As these are on separate pages, it'll be hard to quiz you on it. Nonetheless, see if you can walk through the following steps to create an event:

Step 1:

-Navigate to the 'Events' page

-Click on the item (calendar) on the right side of the page that displays events

-Click 'Manage Events'

-Scroll to the bottom and click ' Add Event'

-Now that the event is added, continue to the next step to populate the event with information (and be creative about it!)

Step 2:

-Give the event a title (i.e.: Denise and the Gang Head to Town)

-Ignore the event type (registration / RVSP or whatever it says). We will come back to that part later.

-Set a start date & time as well as an end date & time (i.e.: December 23rd 1:00pm to December 23rd 3:00pm)

-Is it a physical event? If so, select physical location and add the address. In our example case, Denise and the Gang Head to Town can be hosted at any location in town.

-When this section's information is up to your standards, click 'Create Event'

Step 3:

-You can add more detailed instructions here. What are Denise and the Gang doing once they get to town? Feel free to be creative here.

-Remember the registration bit from before? If you navigate to the top strip, you'll find a section called 'Registration'. Click here.

-Click 'edit' to the side of 'Registration Settings'

-Here you will find a variety of registration options. I think selecting 'Guests don't need to register' is the best option for events we will do.

-And now you're done! Navigate to the first menu option (away from Registration) and scroll down to 'Save'. From here you can either save as a draft or save and publish.

If you publish this test event, I'd recommend deleting it or using the save history to return to a previous save. 

If you save as a draft, you can access it from 'Drafts' on the left bar of 'Dashboard' - see the instructions in step 1 of this mission to get there.

Mission 3: Good Vibes

Step 1: Okay, after that slog of a mission, let's do something fun. Using some basic lines ('+' > decorative > lines), connect the buttons below.

I've started one for you. You'll have to add multiple lines and drag, rotate, and shrink them to connect these dots. You can click on the line to adjust it.

Step 2: Congrats! You connected the dots. Now let's change those star shapes to something more interesting. I'm thinking... how about a 70x70ish white circle?

To do this, you can either add a new shape and replace the star OR do the easier way: click on the star, then click 'Change Basic Shape'.

Ta-da! You should have a circle now. Click it again and click the paintbrush icon to change the colour to white.

Step 3: 

Hmm, the plain white circles aren't quite doing it for me. Add two more small circles. Make them purple (because why not?) and place them overtop the larger white circles. To shift objects forward or backward, right click the object, then navigate to arrange. This allows us to overlay items in whatever fashion we want. By default, the new shape should be overtop, but experiment with this tool just to get familiar with it.

Great! We should have what looks like two eyes within our connect-the-dots drawing.

Step 3: 

Okay, so creating a drawing with Wix is a lot of work. Do you think our little creation looks anything like the friends below?


If not, feel free to add more decorative shapes until you're happy with the frog!

Mission 4: Now Let Me Welcome Everybody to the Wild Wild West

I can't think of much else to add so...

Do what you want!

Use the space below to experiment with buttons, text, decorative features, images, and more. 

Have some fun :)

Want more?

We are constantly working to add more of our artists. Check back regularly to see what's new!

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