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Our Projects

2003: Glen Frear's CNR6060 Mural

Glen Frear was commissioned to paint the CNR6060 train (now housed in Settler, AB) on the inside wall of the Men's washroom within the McBride Heritage Railway Station. 

2007: Fire Hydrant Project

In 2007, the Whistlestop Gallery commissioned young artist Bryony Griffiths, to paint characters on all the fire hydrants in town. With her little red wagon in tow, Bryony spent summer creating one work of art after another. Through the years, the fire hydrants have been adopted, replaced, and repainted by various other artists. Walk around town to see them all!

2014: Historic Logging Murals

Three historic murals were created through the partnership of Heritage Canada, Robson Valley Arts and Culture Council, the McBride and District Public Library, Valley Museum & Archives, and McBride Centennial Elementary School, and the Whistlestop Gallery. Sheilagh Foster sketched and oversaw the painting of these murals alongside community members with historic ties to the timber industry.

2014: Tete Jaune Lodge Alpine Flowers

Glen Frear painted this scenic alpine meadow on the back of the restaurant at the Tete Jaune Lodge. Asked to create flowers, he did exactly that—but keep an eye out for the hummingbird that is hidden amongst them!

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