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Peter Grin

Nation of Hedonism

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Nation of Hedonism

Peter invented his famous fruit spread recipe when he was just seven years old.  Until the year 2011, that recipe remained unchanged, using just berries and sugar to make his infamous fruit spreads.  In 2011, while picking thimbleberries along Read Road in Dunster, for this one particular batch, not having any sugar but lots of honey, the substitution was made and not by choice.  After just one taste however, that substitution became permanent.  Today, the fruit spread still has just 2 ingredients: berries and honey!

For many many years, Peter has been making and giving his fruit spreads away to locals here in the Robson Valley, and always with a very positive reception.  Just in the last few years, Peter decided to make a goal of producing these fruit spreads along with other fine home made products (such as "Nation of Hedonism" soda pops) commercially for retail sales here in BC.  His long term goal is to make these products available in stores throughout the Province of British Columbia.  These products are commercially produced right here in McBride, and are made small batch and small scale, so as to not lose that amazing home made taste that has become famous here in the valley.  While currently, only the Raspberry flavor is available for retail sales, other flavors will be made available as finances become available for him.

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