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William Clark


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After being a keen amateur photographer alongside a three-decade career in the management and computer industry and raising a large family, William Clark at age 50 returned to school and took the year long professional photography program in Vancouver.  After graduation, he spent another year perfecting and teaching his art at that school before purchasing and running a high-end environmental portrait studio in southwest Colorado for five years.  On his return to Canada, he switched to photographing custom-made western stock saddles for a photography book project in conjunction with a Publisher to be called “Art of the Saddle”.  When his wife fell seriously ill, he moved them into the BC mountains, undertaking short-term photography projects, such as recording handmade log structures of the Robson Valley, a 2019 ‘Women of McBride’ calendar, preparing and series of unique flora & flowers images for a book to be called “Imperfections”, while continuing to sell large Wall Art landscapes in various market venues.  He is currently working on a series of abstracts using the flowing of the flow of the Dore beside his home in pre-winter and winter conditions, called “Water Meets Ice”.   After experimenting with different media, such as various art photopapers, canvas, metals, woods and acrylic, he is developing several of the Dore abstracts into multiple frame presentations for larger installations. For more amazing photography visit:


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